At 5th & Wellness, we strive to offer the best options to help you reach your weight loss goals.

We have an array of different choices in order to help you reach your weight loss goal. We offer body contouring, vitamin injections, iv therapy, poly-peptides and generic prescriptions. Whichever route you do choose, know that our staff will give you information and support and will help guide you to look and feel your best inside and out!

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Our Natural Weight Loss option is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight and can’t take the popular prescription medications due to health considerations. Or, if your desire is to take a more natural approach on your weight loss journey.

A weight loss program isn’t as easy as consulting with one of our doctors, receiving a prescription and then being on your way. The natural weight loss route involves a couple of steps. First a consultation is scheduled with one of our medical professionals. Consultations help us understand you better and then determine your desired goal. After the consultation, we recommend lab work, which will allow us to understand your body internally and determine the best way to move forward. Once your lab work has been completed, we will schedule another visit with one of our physicians. They will recommend multiple natural dietary supplements which will aid in increasing any deficiencies. In addition to supplements, we also enhance your treatment plan with various vitamin injections and IV therapy, if needed.


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Our Boca Raton medical weight loss services help those who have struggled with previous weight loss attempts and have tried multiple diets but haven’t been able to reach their weight loss goal. We have patients coming to us from diet doctors from all over South Florida. What makes us stand out above the rest is we understand that weight loss patients require strict guidelines. As a result of our services, many patients have benefited from our close medical weight loss supervision.

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